Pastor Carlos was an excellent officiant for our wedding. He is experienced, very kind and really makes your wedding experience a priority.

We found out about Pastor Carlos through our venue. He has been marrying couples there for a few years now. It was helpful because he was able to give suggestions on how to set up the ceremony. For example, the ceremony site had a waterfall behind us. He knew to suggest that the staff set up the chairs a little further back so that there would be enough room for the wedding party.

Well, not only does he know the venue, his customization of the ceremony also shows his experience. He gave us different readings, Bible passages, poems, ceremonies such as tea ceremony, candle ceremony to choose from. You can make your ceremony as secular or religious as you want. He's a pastor, so he'll still favor putting God into your wedding. However, he is in no way pushy. He really makes it up to however you want.

Our whole experience was very smooth. First, we set up a time to meet with him in his beautiful home. It was nice out so we sat on his porch. At the initial meeting, he talked about the process and what he does. Then at about the halfway point from the time we booked him to our wedding date, he gave us the readings and passages to choose from. At about 20 days prior to the wedding, we set up a phone call to go over the whole ceremony that he customized. We also were able to tell him what passages we've chosen.
Right before the ceremony, he introduced himself to the wedding party and our parents. He was very good at communicating what was going to happen. During the whole experience, he was so kind and really wanted to minimize our stress.

So yes my wife and I would definitely recommend Pastor Carlos for your wedding 100%!