Pastor Carlos is an incredible officiant, and an even more incredible human being! He is so professional, organized, compassionate, and really funny too! We were so blessed he was available for our wedding day. He guided us every step of the way, provided us with clear directions and options, and made us feel at peace with the entire process. We're procrastinators, and he was so patient with us and the timelines. We also did our pre-martial counseling with him, and it brought my husband and I so much closer. It was such a powerful experience! Pastor Carlos was so thoughtful, generous with his time, and nurturing. I can't recommend pre-martial counseling with him enough. In fact, we've been telling all our engaged friends it is a complete must. Because of the session we had with Pastor Carlos, my husband and I have the tools and knowledge to get through all of life's happenings. On our wedding day, I was at peace knowing that Pastor Carlos would be standing before us, guiding us. He was so reassuring, and made the experience so special and beautiful. We absolutely think of him as a life-long friend and mentor. Thank you Pastor Carlos!